Baby Dragon - PYO
Baby Dragon - PYO

Baby Dragon - PYO

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Part of our 'Paint-Your-Own' series, this very cute Baby Dragon stencil is adorned with hearts. Excellent for Valentine’s Day PYO Cookie designs. 

When creating  PYO stencils, it is recommended to use medium thickness royal icing and scrape it gently over the stencil, marking sure to gently scrape off the excess. You can use black icing, grey or even white icing to stencil this design onto a flooded (and dry) layer of royal icing. This can also be stenciled onto fondant. 

Cookie decorated by Reet Petite Cookie Co. Using our snow globe cookie cutter. 


Product Information
  • Our stencils are made from high quality 125 micron mylar
  • Each stencil is 145mm square (plus the product tab at the top) to fit a Stencil Genie