About Us

I've loved baking for as long as I can remember. I do it as often as I can. It’s always been a comfort for me and a great way to relieve stress. My husband often says that if a day goes by and the oven isn't on and the smell of baking cookies isn't in the air then something must be wrong!

Originally from Maine, USA, I've lived in the UK since 2015 with my husband, three daughters and two Boston Terriers. Baking cookies has always been something I’ve enjoyed, but in 2013 I started to get truly addicted to watching cookie decorating tutorials and reading cookie decorating blogs online. Since then I’ve been learning more with every cookie I decorate, always looking to improve my skills and refine my designs. Since 2013 I’ve dreamed of having my own business selling cookies and I’m proud to say that dream has finally been realised. I am thrilled to share all my cookie creations with you, via my own website and store.

Along with cookies, I am excited to share that we are now making and selling 3D printed cookie cutters! My cookie designs can include shapes created by my husband (he’s the one with the technical skills!) and myself. This allows for so much more creative freedom with my cookie designs! All of the designs I've created are available to buy from my store in three different sizes. I can also create custom sizes of my designs to suit your needs, or create something special just for you!

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