Valentine’s Day Cookies

Valentine’s Day Cookies

I love Valentine’s Day! It’s a big deal in the states- and kids often make valentines for all of their classmates. The valentines often include little candies or cookies, and it’s such a sweet tradition!

So this year, I decided my cookie options for Valentine’s Day should be a nod to my childhood in America! Most my cookie offerings are mini cookies, and one set includes what was always my favorite part of Valentine’s Day- a box of chocolates! Although my offering is a cookie that looks like a box of chocolates. If chocolate is the way to a woman’s heart, then a cookie that looks like a box of chocolates will definitely make her happy! 

For my valentine cookie options, you can choose my traditional vanilla or the lovely chocolate brownie cookie flavor. I’m not sure I’d be able to choose, as they are both my favourites and both are loved by my customers. 


Check out my valentine cookie options here! And if you’re interested, order soon as my quantities are very limited! 

Also, if you live near CT162FB and you’d like to collect your order, pop me a message and I can send you an invoice that doesn’t include shipping.


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