Fish and chips cookie cutters


Looking for cookie cutters for Valentine’s Day? We have you covered! We have a wide variety of designs for Valentine’s Day, including heart cookie cutters in several different styles.  We also have quite a few “we go together like” cookie cutter sets, and my favourite is the “we go together like” fish and chips set! Easy to decorate, and very popular as well! You’ll definitely need a nice cookie plaque cutter to go with them, and you can find the plaque cutter I used for this set here!

Or maybe fish and chips aren’t your thing (or maybe it looks like they’ll take too long to decorate!). Another option is simple heart shapes with sprinkles or airbrushed designs. We offer this simple chubby heart shape, and have several different Valentine’s Day stencils that would be really great to use to make these heart cookie cutter shapes really stand out.  

Do you have a great idea for a new Valentine’s Day cookie cutter? Contact us here and we can create something for you!

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