Sewing Cookies For Bev’s 60th Birthday

Sewing Cookies For Bev’s 60th Birthday

Bev turned 60 this week and her lovely friend Lynne requested a sewing themed set for her. I’ve done sewing themed cookie sets before, but I always like to put a fresh spin on a set of cookies, especially as my skills improve. This set included designs done in royal icing, as well as quite a bit of hand painting.  


I hope you’re enjoying this Saturday morning with a cup of coffee, relaxing in the sun! We’ve had a busy week filled with cookie decorating and prepping to get this website live, and I think a cup of coffee on the patio might be the most I get done today. Enjoy your weekend, and thanks for stopping by!


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Thanks Courtney and Lynne for the wonderful cookies. As Lynne said, I was delighted to have received such a thoughtful present 🎁 and with so much skill in the finished biscuits. Not only did they look so good and whilst I would like to keep them forever, we have started to eat them and they are absolutely delicious. Will definitely recommend them. Thank you so much again 💕👍

Bev Williams

They were amazing and my friend Bev was over the moon when she opened the box last night. Thanks again Courtney xxxx

Lynne Skelton

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