New Valentine’s Day Cutters!

New Valentine’s Day Cutters!

Ah, I’m so excited to share with you a couple of the new Valentine’s Day cookie cutters we’ve created! Great for silly Valentine’s Day puns on cookies!


First, we have the Valentine’s Day gnome. To be honest, this gnome is a very versatile cookie cutter and can be used for any holiday, not just Valentine’s Day.  He can be holding a candy cane at Christmas, a heart for Valentine’s Day or you could even use him for Mother’s Day! Make sure you check out the listing for this cutter to give you ideas on the silly puns that you can use with this gnome cookie cutter for Valentine’s Day! 


Next we have the two avocados, side by side. These cute green fruits are nestled up next to each other, having a cuddle. So “let’s avocuddle” seems like the most obvious pun here. If you can think of anymore, please let me know in the comments. I’m always happy to get new ideas, especially for Valentine’s Day!


These are just a couple of the designs we have created for Valentine’s Day cookie cutters, but we have a couple more up our sleeves. Stay tuned for my next blog to learn more!



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