Alice in One-derland!

Alice in One-derland!

The lovely Laura gave me creative freedom with her daughter Alice’s First birthday cookies, and there’s not much I love more than creative freedom! 

There are are so many elements of Alice in Wonderland to choose from, and I wanted to choose them all! Instead I chose a few elements that I thought went together well. 

After doing some cookie research online, I saw that I would need a harlequin design stencil, so requested that my husband use our Cameo Silhouette for the first time to make me one. He did a beautiful job on his first try! We will be adding this stencil (as well as many more!) to our store soon!

We will also be adding the teapot and stacked teacup cookie cutters to our store.

Thank you Laura, for trusting my creativity to create these Alice in Wonderland Cookies for your sweet little Alice’s celebration!

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